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We offer facilities that guarantee your dog's safety and provide opportunities for your dog to be a dog. John Stastny, Owner and Operator.

Our amenities:
  • fresh air
  • securely fenced
  • indoor or outdoor shelter
  • personal attention
  • heated winter shelter
  • spacious fenced yards (no kennel runs)
  • access to their own room of the house anytime
  • a couch or their own bed to sleep in
  • holes to dig and grass to roll in
  • barking allowed!


One dog per day $15

Additional dog per day $5

Weekly rate: pay for 6 days, get 1 day free

If we provide food, $2 per dog per day

If you provide food, no added charge

Veterinary care at cost

Special conditions negotiated fees
We offer a quality boarding experience for your dog in a delightful rural setting. Our philosophy is that your dog deserves the very best care while you're away. Imagine the great vacation your dog will have while you have a vacation from your dog, freeing you from your cares or concerns for your dog's welfare.